Acrobatics for children and teenagers

We invite all children and teenagers age 6-16 to our acrobatics classes. The lessons are adapted and personalised to the specific age, predisposition and skills of our students.  People with acrobatic background are welcome to continue to progress their gymnastic skills in our school.

In acrobatics class the pupils learnn techniques such as:

Basic acrobatics:

It’s a branch of gymnastics that allows to show incredible feats of human capabilities. It develops balance sense and agility. This technique can be seen in various performances, sports, theatres and circus shows.

Artistic acrobatics:

Visually stunning and full of grace technique. Artistic acrobats mesmerise their audience with their fluid movement and excellent use of props (jump ropes, aerial silks, hoops and balls). What differentiates those acrobats are their dance abilities. That allows for a spectacular merge of techniques which will make the future of theatre, circus and stage performance.

Acro dance:

Acro dance was created by connection of regular jazz and precise acrobatic elements, specifically contortion. Its distinct features are the choreography and smooth transition between dance and acrobatics.

Aerial acrobatics:

Aerial acrobatics is a unique merge of dance, flexibility, extraordinary strength and art prowess. Because of the high difficulty and predisposition we use various props such as aerial silks and hoops, trapezes and cubes.


This art form for born and cultivated in the Far East. Contortionists show out of this world flexibility and full control over their bodies. Contortion starts to get worldwide recognition and becomes one of our most popular acrobatics variation.