We offer classes for basic and intermediate levels of ballet for adults. It’s a perfect way for our parents and friends of the school to express themselves via dance and art. Simultaneously, it allows to maintain a perfect body figure and high levels of stamina. Classical dance classes have a very precise structure that uses ballet barre, exercises in the middle and jumps.


It’s an activity that utilizes stretching with proper breathing and full control over one’s body and mind. The classes are given by Mrs Wiera Szymańska, a pedagogue in Anna Niedzwiedz Ballet School in Poznan, who uses her own technique during the lesson.


Pilates is an activity specifically recommended for dancers. It’s a combination of yoga, ballet and isometric exercises. It enhances the strength of muscles without their excess build up, releases pressure in the spine, improves posture and elasticity. It consists of an optimal set of exercises recommended for everyone, regardless of sex, and age. It allows to maintain a healthy body and mind.