The love for dance and people – that is the reason of creating Anna Niedzwiedz Ballet School, which was established in 1994. Back then, it was the only private ballet school in Poznań, which received quick recognition and developed rapidly. It was the unusual artistic sensibility of Anna Niedźwiedź and her earned experience that started gathering students under her wing. A couple years later the school changed localization to an edifice with rich history that lies by Mansfelda Street in Poznań. Since then, dance has flourished in Jeżyce district.

Today, Anna Niedzwiedz Ballet School has become one of the most prestigious art schools in Poland. The building by Mansfelda Street not only allows to educate young people in dance and acrobatics, but also gives them an opportunity to get a professional diploma for the future.

Constant improvement is the fuel that drives our school and our passion. Each year yields new artistic performances. Our ever-expanding offer and technical infrastructure are there to show people that trusted us that we are not going to stop any time soon. We await what upcoming years will bring us!

‘Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come.’ ~Victor Hugo