Join us!

Children age 3-5 yo:

Parents can register their children into our school personally. Afterwards the headmistress in agreement with the pedagogues enlist the student to a certain class based on their possible previous skills, maturity and age.

Children and teenagers age 6-17 yo:

We’d love to invite all children and teenagers 6-17 years old to our recruitment. Our selection committee will be looking at individual predispositions of our students and will suggest a group that best suits the needs of a particular child or a teenager. Young people with extraordinary capabilities are guided towards our professional education.


All adults are also welcome in our school. We encourage them to choose all the classes they may be interested in and take part in trial lessons. If they don’t feel comfortable in their chosen group we gladly offer some alternatives. After all, the most important thing in any kind of training is to feel comfortable and determined to continue.