Professional ballet education

Anna Niedzwiedz Private Ballet School in Poznań guarantees professional ballet education for children and teenagers, who want to become dancers on global theatrical stages.

Our school is registered in an evidence of non-public art schools in Poland run by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage (no. 619/32/2012). After graduation and passing positively our diploma exam, all our pupils receive a title of a professional dancer. The Centre of Artistic Education oversights the diploma for the highest teaching standards for our students.

Education in our school takes 9 years. Students get accepted via qualification exam after they turn 8 years old. For children below said age we created an elementary class. Its goal is to make children age 6-7 years old prepare for professional education.

Classes are carried out in the afternoon hours. Children acquire both practical and theoretical skills in dance, theatre, music and theatrical make-up. Grades I-III have classes three times a week and grades IV-IX four times a week.

Graduates of our school:

  •  can fluidly use different dance techniques,
  • know the history of dance development throughout the years in both Poland and the World,
  • know the rules of interpretation and creation of a scenic character ,
  • are able to work in a team,
  • have essential qualifications to work and dance in worldwide theatres and on professional stages.

School subjects in the 9 years of education in the Anna Niedzwiedz Private Ballet School in Poznań

Base subjects

  • Classical dance (ballet),Ethnic and character dance,
  • Dance partnering,
  • Jazz,
  • Complementary techniques,
  • Stage practice,
  • Acrobatics,
  • Rhythm class,

Subsidiary subjects

  • Pilates,
  • Stretching,
  • Contortion,
  • Theatrical make-up class

Theoretical subjects

  • Music education,
  • History of dance